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Re: "Christine" number of cars destroyed in making film ?

From: alumcan
Date: February 17, 2002


Gavin, Nathan, go DEEP into the archived forums. There are several threads that go into detailed description on how many four-doors, two-doors, sedans, and hard tops, that were used and the bloopers/trivia. There was a question posted in one of the Christine sties, if a sequel/Christine II was ever made, what kind of car should Christine be re-cycled (?) into. Viper, Prowler, or a lifted, Dodge 4X4 dually, Cummins Turbo Diesel? My awnser to the question; NONE! Christine was a '58 Plymouth and NOTHING else will go! OK, in the movie 'Tucker', they rolled a Ford LTD that was made to LOOK like a Tucker car. So, if they can do that, why not take several hunderd of them' Chevys that are cluttering up the country side, make THEM look like '58 Plymouths, instedad of wrecking ONLY 22-23 cars, now they could actually wreck 223! NO fake digital effects, the real thing! Whaddyathink?


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