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Options limited by pre-62 crankshaft flange

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 08, 2002


Chrysler's change of the crankshaft flange design of passenger car V8's in 1962 (both A and B series V8's) limits the choices of transmissions you can use. One choice would be changing your engine to a '62-up 361-383 crankshaft,which would then allow use of modern manual and automatic transmissions. Another solution would be to add a Gear Vendors gear splitter behind your original transmission. This would be a custom application and not cheap (over $3000 minimum),BUT you would have a .78 overdrive ratio and your original transmission. The G.V. unit can function in 4-speed (O/D in top) or 6-speed (shifts to O/D through all gears),switched by a control box under the dash. Considering the cost of changing the crank (an engine rebuild) and a change to a later transmission,the G.V. should still be cost effective,and it would be much easier to reverse the car back to original state if you wished to sell it. (remove the G.V. unit, shorter driveshaft and control box,refit the car's original driveshaft and that's pretty much it)


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