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Re: flathead dodge truck

From: alumcan
Date: February 08, 2002


Jimmy, That great BIG 'flat head six in a row' you are talking about is,,,,,get this, a four thirteen! Yep, 413 whopping cubic inches out of six holes! (probably had a stroke as long as yer arm) That six popper was orginally intended for the Imperial. But since early luxury cars were noted for their humongus straight eights, and Cadillac's 'cost-be-damned' V-16's, a six cylinder of the same or more cubic inch as most straight eights, DOES NOT cast the image that Walter P. wanted for the Imperial. So he went ahead and designed a straight eight for the upscale Imperial, and put the 413ci flatty six in the larger Dodge truck line. If you don't believe me, go ask Einstine.


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