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Re: Are all '57-58 Desotos...

From: Jessica Hendricks
Date: February 05, 2002


You have to ask yourself "how bad do you want this car". I know of someone who has waited a LONG time in order to get her dream took her years of finding. This certainly may not be the case for you... but you have come to the right place to inquire. What exactly are you looking for? 2 door? 4 door? hard top? any special options that you'd like to have? I know that you cannot be too picky, but to get a general idea of what you are looking for, it would help for everyone to know, so that we can keep an eye out for you. Also...check out That site has certainly been a tremendous site in helping me w/ my 57 Desoto firesweep sportsman. Oh, and i've also seen a few go on ebay for a decent price. It may be worth checking out. Hope ive helped a lil! ~Jessica Hendricks


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