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Bad gas mileage with the '59....

From: Eric Carlson
Date: January 21, 2002


Kenny, I had a '59 Chevy Brookwood wagon with the 283. I drive 70 miles a day commute, the gas mileage in that '59 Chevy was so bad, I sold it!!! I love the looks of the '59 Chevy wagon better than the '59 Plymouth (my opinion), but I can't deal with the bad gas mileage. So, I then bought a '59 Chrysler wagon, love the looks of it....haven't drove it yet, but once I upgrade the running gear, it should get the 17 and up that I get with my '65 Dodge 383 wagon. I just got word of another '59 Chevy wagon 6cyl. car....$450 and it's decent....wonder what the gas mileage will be in that?!! Eric


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