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'57 Chevy 6 cyl. bus. cpe. weighs MORE than Ford and Plymouth competitors

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 20, 2002


Curb weights of the Big 3's six-cylinder business coupes for 1957: 1957 Chevy One-Fifty Utility Sedan= 3168 lbs. (115" w.b.,200" length) 1957 Ford Custom Six Business Coupe= 3145 lbs. (116" w.b.,201.6" length) 1957 Plymouth Plaza Business Coupe= 3155 lbs. (118" w.b.,204.6" length) You DID notice that the Chevy is SHORTER yet HEAVIER than the Ford and Plymouth?! P.S.:the '57 Chevy wasn't that much loved when new, Ford outsold Chevy that year for the first time since 1932!


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