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Re: 1958 Belvedere Power Steering Question

From: mike patterson
Date: January 20, 2002


Yes it is possible to change the lower steering gear seal without pulling the steering gear. It's pretty straight foward, just follow the directions that come with the kit (I think I got a kit from NAPA the last time). As far as special tools you'll need a pitman arm puller, an 1 5/16" wrench or socket, snap ring plyers and a piece of pipe thats the right size to drive the new seal in. The way I get the old seal out is to punch a small hole in it with an awl then screw in a small body work slide hammer. You can also put a long wood screw in the hole you make and work it out with plyers. I always try to put a seal kit in before it pull a gear, (These are not fun to get in and out). If it seals it fine, and if it dosn't, your not out that much money on the seal kit.


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