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Re: Christine clone owners association

From: Brad Harbold
Date: January 18, 2002


Hey all, Actually the interior of Christine is pretty straight forward. It has a painted red dash, red dyed dash cover, red carpet, the factory headliner, without the chrome fury strips, a white steering wheel with red grips, and all the seats and door panels are dyed red. THe door panels are simply Fury panels from 58, if you note the shape of the arm rest, it is the same, they just probably dyed them all red for the movie. The pattern of the seat material also seems to me to be the same as a 58 Fury, although they used red vinyl and some type of red cloth insert. It also has the Fury dip back front and rear seats, with the forward look emblem in the dip area above tha back seat rest. There is also the chrome trim, surrounding the windows, and the instrument cluster although that was actually stock for the Fury. The only thing in the interior that doesnt look right are the stupid GM door locks. Otherwise it looks like someone went crazy with red dye ona stock Fury interior. Just a few ideas Brad


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