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This humbles any "shorty" 55-57 Chevy around!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 10, 2002


Talk about a start for a mindblowing "street rod-custom"! The shortness of the roof accentuates the tailfins even more than on full-length 1960 Plymouths. A few years ago for fun I drew up some plans for a '61 Plymouth 'business coupe' (update of the '49-'52 body) but I had drawn the roof about 10 inches longer than this car's so it would be in proportion with the body like the earlier factory cars. My plans did use the Sky-Hi 4-dr. rear window (as on this real car!),which was a 'fudge' as a factory '61 business coupe would have been a low-line car and used the regular sedan back window. Like the fins,the Sky-Hi window is even more pronounced due to the very short roof. But since the usually seen 'shorty' 55-57 Chevys don't have such dramatic fins or rear windows as the '60 Plymouth,this car would jsut humble theirs at any show if it was all finished up as a street machine!


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