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Re: cars lost --add 1 more car for fast and furious

From: joe d.
Date: January 08, 2002


the engine they showed when the car was parked in the garage definitely has hemi valve covers. the engine itself could be 440 cubic inch, if they said so, it is a movie... those guys in the movie probably don't know the difference between a 283 chevy and a hemi if the truth be known. most of the little technical lines they spit out were far more correct than older car movies though. technically, a 426 hemi bored .060 will displace around 440 inches, give a little, so if they said 440 they were close. as for an example from an older movie, and boy I was dissapointed.. at the end of "vanishing point" the challenger hits two bulldozers and explodes, only to misteriously become a white- not burned-mangled 67 camaro...whats up with that??? oh for those who did see it, the best part was the female motorcycle rider in the desert....nude. joe


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