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What would be a good car to bring over?

From: Eric Carlson
Date: January 04, 2002


Gavin, Adam....what would be a good car to bring to a show over sell kinda thing? In the past, it's always been easiest to ship a car to Europe (England too) and have something to drive, then sell! You guys have a great train system, but going to car shows in a train sucks! I'm all for getting a car someone would want and shipping it, cruise it and sell it. Shipping from the West coast isn't too bad, about $900 per car if I ship 3 cars. My friends can fill the other two spots. I just found a '60 Dodge Seneca yesterday, 4 dr., looks pretty good. No one was home. How about a '59 Chrysler wagon? I'll sell it, I decided I want a '61 Plymouth wagon instead. I know of a '60 Plymouth wagon in 'field' condition!!??? Eric


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