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Re: Destroying Old Cars... Stop the Madness...

From: Mike Patterson
Date: January 04, 2002


I tend to agree that it is a shame to see neat old cars smashed to so much junk. This holds true if it's done in a DEMO Derby, Movie, or the crusher at a wrecking yard. The only problem is who is going to save them? I currently have more projects than I have life time, but when it comes time to find a buyer for a builder (and lets face it most of the cars that we see destroyed need major work of one type or another) sometimes it's hard to even give them away. In some cases, even though cars are destroyed, the attention that a movie generates for a car can cause a great intrest in a particular model. How many of you with 58 (or 57) Plymouths got stared by watching Christine??? Just some random thoughts.


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