From: Jason
Email: j.peart@mailbox.gu.edu.au
Date: January 03, 2002


Hey Alumcan, This Oz hearse you speak of (cant get the pictures to load) sounds like the old Chrylser AP3 Royal hearse..In '57 chrysler Aust started producing the AP1 Royal, and the '57 Royal looks similar to the 56 plymouth, very similar front and rear section, however, the "cabin/body" was different (same as the '54(?) DeSoto?).. But rest was almost identical to the '56 plymouth. In '58-'59, the car was essentially the same however there was bolt on fins (on top of the "'56 Ply' fins), just like the US dodges of the time (actually heard the add-ons reffered to as Dodge fins)...Anyway, 1960-63(?) the AP3 received what was essentially the Desoto rear...And there have been a bunch of the AP3 hearses and flower cars for sale in the past few years (Since I bought my '56 Ply)... And damn cheap..generally in the $5,000-10,000 range (and thats Aust dollars, so halve that for US)...So in answer to your question....Yes they are for real...And if I wasn't moving to the US of A in Feb, I could probably pick one up for you.......Which reminds me, anyone got any Forward Look cars for sale...'57-58 New Yorker, '57-58 Plymouth or 57-59 DeSoto ??? 'cause I'm going to need one when i get there.... Cheers