Some things to watch for

From: Mike Patterson
Email: mchr@theriver.com
Date: January 01, 2002


Just a couple of final thoughts on things to watch for. In the early 70s, chrysler went to cast cranks in it's big blocks, these engines were externally balanced, with a large cast harmonic balancer (instead of the thinner steel one) and a balance weight on the torgue converter. (If you have the older internally balanced engine, It's a simple bolt in). If you end up with one of these newer engines you will need to use the correct balancer and add the appropriate weight to the torque converter. Mopar Preformance used to sell the weight kit, but I don't know if they are still available. If you use a 65 Torque Flight , you will need to change the valve body to a 62-64 valve body due to the shift pattern. Good luck.