From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 30, 2001


OK, here are the FwdLk Hearses. Einstine, I'm saving the '60 Plymouth Hearse for last. Mike, and you 'other' FwdLk Bikers, there is a couple of Harley Hearses. The one Hearse that says '60 Chrysler, OK you 'down under' guys, is this thing for real? It has a '56 Plymouth look-a-like clip, but a '59 DeSoto rear?? The '59 and '75,6,7 (?) Chrysler Hearses that I remember seeing and telling you about, I can't find the web site they were in. The '59 was absoutly gorgous! Low milage and currently in a private hand MoPar collector. So, I don't have pictures of eithe one of them. Some of you out there might think of Hearses as morbid, and why would anyone in their right state of mind would want to drive one, let alone give one to a 16 year old for a 'first' car. Look at it THIS way, yes, Hearses represent death, they have hauled caskets, there were no dead humans rolling around in the back. They also draw attention while in traffic, what better way to put your newly aqquired drver licensed teen-ager out into traffic than with a vehicle that first impression is to yield to it? Oh well. As RARE as ANY MoPar Hearse is, I'd like to see one at Carlisle! Enjoy everyone. Here goes,,,,,http://hometown.aol.com/alumca300dhd/myhomepage/hearseshow.html http://hometown.aol.com/alumcan300dhd/myhomepage/imperialfuneralfleet.html http://hometown.aol.com/alumcan300dhd/myhomepage/imperiahearse.html http://hometown.aol.com/alumcan300dhd/myhomepage/harleyhearse.html http://hometown.aol.com/alumcan300dhd/myhomepage/whiteambulance.html http://hometown.aol.com/alumcan300dhd/myhomepage/Shawofiranimperial.html http://hometown.aol.com/alumcan300dhd/myhomepage/hearseconversioncross.html