Think Alumcan posted enough times?

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: December 09, 2001


Gee,I go out of town for 2 days and Alumcan posts eight zillion times! Too bad,I knew it was Cadillac for both (that's where the "Standard Of The World" slogan comes from,that 1903 parts 'standardization' test) and anyone who's looked at a '62 Ply./Dodge B-body rear window just HAS to notice a bit of similarity to the '47 Stude's rear window. In fact,when I had my '62 Fury,some people seriously thought it WAS a Studebaker (!) The '62 B's are the last true Exner designs before Engel toned 'em down (the poor '62 Chrysler had already become a 'plucked chicken'). Anyway, as far as the first engine to win a race in America,do you mean a gasoline-powered engine? I'll sit this one out and see if Alumcan gets any "warmer".....