Re: If I had a1957 Plymouth Fury, do you think...

From: Adam Green
Email: adamgreen57@hotmail.com
Date: December 02, 2001


Paul, this depends on a couple of things, i.e. your level of expertise and how much you want to spend. If you convert to E.F.I there's a computer to add, all the associated wiring and an extra fuel line for a return to the tank. If you can get a modern 360 and all the parts cheap enough, why not? If you are going to convert the old Poly to EFI then you will be fabricating one off parts and buying an aftermarket EFI which won't be cheap. Do you want the better gas milage to save money? Depending on which country you live in and your annual milage, you will probably take a few years to realise your investment on EFI. Sounds like a fun project though.