your favorite foward look models

From: Brian De Francesco
Email: drpreposterous@hotmail.com
Date: November 29, 2001


If you're like me--a baby boomer--you're here because foward look cars are among the first you've ever seen in your life. The earliest car I remember is Nana's '57 Savoy 2dr sedan. It made me permanently Mopar and Foward Look. Now,, at 42, I'm near the end of a return to school to switch careers. When I finish this summer, I get to buy a Foward Look. But I wanted to here what you guys and gals think of the various choices. Here are my favorites: 1. '57 Chrysler New Yorker 1. (tied) '57 DeSoto Fireflite 3. '60 Chrysler New Yorker, Saratoga or Windsor 4. '59 Dodge 5. '57-'58 Plymouth Belevedere 6.'57-58 Dodge 7. '55 Plymouth 8. '55 Dodge 9. '57-'59 Imperial 10. '58 DeSoto Some questions for the technically learned. * Do '59 and '60 survivors tend to be better hung together than the survivors of '57--the notorious low-quality, high rust year? Or are survivors just survivors.