Pre-'62 Trans requires pre-'62 Crankshaft

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: October 30, 2001


You do have to change the motor mounts to the B-engine motor mounts for 1960. More importantly, though,pre-1962 V8's (A and B series) have different crankshaft flanges than the 1962-up V8 engines. Pre-1962 A/B are 8-bolt unthreaded,'62 A/B are 6-bolt threaded,but more important is that the pre-62 flange protrudes approx. " farther out of the block than the '62-up flanges. Put in plain terms,since the pre-62 transmissions have longer bellhousings for those flanges,if you bolt this to an engine with a '62-up crank,THAT flange is not long enough to reach the torque converter assembly! You would have to put a '58 to '61 RB 3" stroke crank in the later 413 block to make this work. Now you said "1969" 413 block. The only 1969 413's were for large truck and industrial applications,they were not installed in passenger cars or consumer ( to 1 ton class)pickup trucks. Their flange might be different from the regular 6-bolt flange if the engine was sold for marine or stationary generator use. (although I have a '74 440 from a Class A Motorhome with the regular 6-bolt flange.) Marine/ Stationary 413's may have a reverse firing order as well,so if that is indeed a 1969 413 you really might want to know where it came from!