Mounting for Engine and Auto Trans in 57 D100 truck

From: Randy Borle
Email: rborle@planet.eon.net
Date: October 11, 2001


Hi, I am new here and have 2 questions. Firstly does this forum include discussion on forward-look trucks. Mine is a forward-look truck (i.e., with the forward-look emblem on the sides)? Second, I have a 57 Fargo D100 shortbox pickup with a 6 cylinder engine and 3 speed manual transmission. I am contemplating the idea of swapping the engine and transmission to the correct 301 V8 Poly and Loadflight automatic. I'm currently assessing what all would be involved. I have access to the right engine and the right transmission from separate sources. What I do know is that a single front motor mount (as opposed to mounts on the sides) were used for both 6 and 8 cylinder engines when a manual transmission was used with it, and that mounts on either side of the clutch bellhousing were used giving it a 3 point mounting. My question is, were the 6 and 8 cylinder engines mounted on the sides when used in combination with the automatic transmission? If so do I have to find engine mounts, brackets and trany crossmember that are specific to circa 1957 dodge/fargo pickups? See it doesnt make sense to me that the engine have only one mount at the front and the tranny only one mount at the rear as this wouldnt take any torque. So I'm presuming the engine has to have been mounted on the sides as was the case for the cars. Can anyone confirm or correct me? Any other information you might be able to provide to help me out would be appreciated. Thanks very much. Randy Borle Edmonton, Canada