'57-61 301-318 would be "easiest",BUT....

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: October 05, 2001


Retaining the original Powerflite transmission prevents you from using any 1962-up engines. The easiest engine to find parts for would then be the '57 301/'58-'61 318 Poly engine. The easiest swap would be a 1954-56 Hemi (331 ci in '54-'55,354 ci in 1956). Parts for the 301 can be found at Kanter auto parts (www.kanter.com) and other suppliers (such as in Hemmings Motor News; www.hmn.com). Realistically speaking,since you can't use any 1962-up engines with the original Powerflite,you would be better off keeping the 301 as either of the swap choices above you might also have to order the parts for those from the same people who'd have parts for the 301!