Re: Engines...Engines...which one to choose...???

From: Eric Carlson
Email: sk8bored@qwest.net
Date: September 21, 2001


I have a '59 Chrysler wagon, I'm putting in a '65 Imp. tranny with a valve body out of a '62-'64 (haven't found that yet). Then I'm putting in a 383 or 440, haven't decided yet. I can't find a good deal on a 440!! I'm not looking for a race car either, I'm 'low n' slow' for cruising and daily driving. I'm leaning towards the 383 4bbl. I guess all this is 'bolt in'!! I want to keep my push buttons as well. I have a '68 Chrysler sure-grip rear end for it too. You'll have to get the driveshaft made. Eric