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Re: ball/trunion/u-joint

From: Kenny J.
Date: April 26, 2001


What a coincidence! I just had this swap done by Driveline Services here in Las Vegas. My '59's front u-joint housing was worn, causing a nasty vibration between 30 and 50 mph. I decided to update the driveline with convention u-joints at both ends. The shop installed a piece that bolted to the '59's parking brake drum. This piece accepted a splined slip yoke. A new drive shaft tube with a conventional u-joint and slip yoke completed the swap. I have seen some places charge up to $300 for complete N.O.S. ball and trunnion units. My Bernbaum catalog from a few years back lists them for about $150. My driveshaft tube was a bit beat up and needed replacement, plus they also replaced the rear u-joint .All told, I spent around $300. To me, it was money well spent. Even if I found an N.O.S. original unit for half that amount, I still needed the driveshaft replaced. I don't plan on updating to a newer style transmission and rear end anytime soon, and have no plans to sell the car. Andy Bernbaum used to carry replacement boots for around $20.00. Maybe he still has them. Did you check with Gary Goers?


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