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Re: Engine swap 1960 Pioneer

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 28, 2001


The 60-61 factory application big block (361-383)motor mounts are what you should use.

For a pushbutton Torqueflite,you'll need the dash pushbuttons from a Torqueflite '60 Dodge. The 62-64 B-engine (big block) 727 automatic (found in any auto '62-64 Chrysler) will shift from earlier Torqueflite pushbuttons,just hook the cable right up. The '62 Chrysler trannies even have a driveshaft parking brake like the '57-61 '413' (cast iron case) Torqueflite.

And B-bodies started in '62,so NO the Schumacher kit will not work in pre-62 cars.


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