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All Mopar B (NOT RB) manifolds fit on 350 GC

From: Daven Anderson


The 350 is the first of the "B" engine family,and shares its deck height with the 361,383 and 400 low deck B engines that followed it. Then the first RB engines came out in '59 (413,and a 383 RB just for '59-60),the later 413,426 wedge and 440 are the raised deck height motors.

ANY manifold built to fit low deck B engines will fit your 350. (Usually listed as 361-383-400 manifolds). Now,however; you say you wish to use a pair of Carters. Well,the original carbs for a 350 GC ARE Carter AFB carbs!! A pair of new Carter AFB's should fit right on that manifold! (Did someone take the AFB's off of your 350 and put other carbs on?)


Last changed: July 19, 2018