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Re: Turn signal indicator light

I put things back together using a regular incandescent bulb in the turn signal spot.  And it worked as it should.  So somewhere in my hypothesis there was a grain of truth.  The power has to go through the flasher to work.  Since a diode will only pass current in one direction unless there is a different LED bulb out there somewhere it won't work.  So heads up to anyone trying the same upgrade forget about the turn signal bulb.  This applies only to those cars like my 63 that have a single light on the dash to indicate both left and right.  Taking it out this afternoon to check the speedo cable.

Paul L

On Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 4:16:30 PM UTC-6 Paul L. wrote:
Yes, a 63.  There are two contacts on the plastic bayonet type sockets, one for the center terminal and the second for the metal case.  I seem to remember that one of the sockets got damaged when I was doing the swap.  Might have been this one.  I had a spare panel I robbed one from.  But all of the sockets are the same except two which have different bulbs.  The parts manual shows the same # for all of them.  And there is no ground that I can see.  However if I apply power directly to the ribbon feeding the bulb it does not light, all of the others will.  I tried it with the LED and the incandescent bulb.  Wondering If somehow the opposite side gets grounded through the flasher.  If that's the case the LED wouldn't work because the LED will only pass current in one direction.  When I put it back in the car I'll try it with the regular bulb.  Thanks for everyone's input.

Note to Jeff,  I'm finally installing the speedo cable i got from you.

Paul L.
On Friday, November 13, 2020 at 6:52:27 PM UTC-6 64ragtop wrote:

It occurs to me that one of the socket adapters that the bulb goes into
might have a wider negative terminal

that would contact both of the negative contacts on the circuit board
when it was inserted.  I haven't seen

such, but somehow the grounds (both of them) must get to the bulb.  
Maybe an inspection of those adapters

would find one with a wider negative contact.  Good luck!


On 11/13/2020 5:00 PM, 62-65-mail...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> What year and make is this car Paul?
> Just for grins, did you try using a different bulb?
> Thanks,
> Gary H.
>> -------Original Message-------
>> From: 'Paul L.
>> I recently upgraded my dash indicator lights to LED. After doing so I
>> only have the dash turn signal indicator flashing in one direction. If
>> you take out the socket and turn it 180 degrees it will flash for the
>> opposite direction. The socket has a (+)center contact for the bulb
>> and the other contact is (-) for the metal case just like most other
>> auto bulbs.
>> There are two printed leads going to the socket as you can see in the
>> picture. When selecting L or R one or the other has power coming from
>> the flasher. So where is it getting it's ground? I checked the parts
>> manual and it only lists one part # for the socket. So I don't know
>> how you can get (+) to the center bulb terminal for both
>> directions. Obviously it worked before and I haven't done any rewiring
>> of the lights, so I'm stumped.
>> Paul L
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