Fw: Mopar Heater Coil Needed [core?]
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Fw: Mopar Heater Coil Needed [core?]

I am passing this question along for Larry, as it was misdirected.

Did you mean heater core? If so, there is a place called "Classic Heaters" on the 62-65 vendor's page; it looks like it is 
now part of another business. They have information about heater cores and offer a rebuilding service.

If there is an old-timey radiator shop near you you can talk to them about rebuilding your car's heater core.

As for the generics, I guess you need to factor in the amount of time needed to MacGyver it into your Mopar.

Keep us posted.

Gary H. 

>  -------Original Message-------
>  From: Larry Ashbaugh  
>  My 59 Coronet (non-A/C) has decided that it is time to puke its guts
>  all over the passenger floor.
>  Does anyone have a heater coil that will work in a 59 Dodge, 326 for
>  a decent price? Close will count.
>  Other ideas? Any other brands that have a similar heater coil?
>  How about the universals on
>  eBay?:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-Heater-12V-Dual-Side-8-Port-For-Car-Truck-Vintage-Muscle-Car-Under-
>  Thanks,
>  Larry

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