trying 2 sell my 62 Dodge Polara 4dr. HT, Austin, Tx
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trying 2 sell my 62 Dodge Polara 4dr. HT, Austin, Tx

I apologize for the confusion that I have perpetrated on everyone who is trying to figure out my message.  First of all I sent the original email to Gary P. by mistake and then he was kind enough to forward it to the group for me, however, I did not have the price in the original and the photos were too large for the google group email.  So, here is the updated and revised offer I’m making to sell my 62 Polara, with only 2 photos attached.  I guess I’ve totally lost everyone now.  I hope not.  Please let me know of any questions.  Thanks, Bill   and please read on below.


Hello everyone,


I’ve followed the threads of the “62 to 65 mopar or no car” for years and appreciate all that I have learned very much.  You all are a very friendly and helpful group.  I know this is a bad time of year to sell a car, but I need a new parking place ASAP.  I’m giving you all the first notice of my decision to sell before placing an ad in the WPC Club News bi-monthly, Hemmings, Craigslist and Ebay.


I will attach some photos, others will be available upon request.  I’m asking $15,000.00.


1962 Dodge Polara 500, 4 door HT, 361 HiPo, freshly rebuilt 2017, 50,000 miles, new seat covers, carpet and headliner 2016, rebuilt brakes (except rear) with new dual chamber master cylinder 2015.  I have the original window sticker and bill of sale, with owner’s manual.  Push button aluminum 727 automatic.  The windows roll up and down easily and all the glass looks good.  New 19 gallon gas tank from good ole Joe Suchy, plus weather stripping, etc. small parts.  A repaint was done in the original color by the previous owner.  The car originally was sold to Earnest Benoit or Springfield, Mass. by Topor Motor Sales in Chicopee, Mass.  It was apparently babied and well-kept by the next two owners as there is practically no rust.  I bought from the third owner of 25 years in New Hartford, Ct in 2014 and have steadfastly improved on it, but it was already a very good car.  


The hood has a Dodge Ram truck decal on it that I initially did not like, but it grew on me so I haven’t removed it, I was told that it can easily be removed.   



Bill Young

512 567 5959

Austin, Tx 78734



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