Fw: PID/Keystone Reunion, Nostalgia Nationals Sept 23-24
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Fw: PID/Keystone Reunion, Nostalgia Nationals Sept 23-24

Hi all,

Circle the date if you are near. This 9-23 event will have a lot of 62-65 Mopars, for those of you lucky enough to be 
able to attend.  :)

Gary H.

  >  -------Original Message-------
>  >  From: Steve Reasbeck 
>  >  OK, it's coming. The big one.....the Keystone Nostalgia Nationals at
>  >  Keystone on Sept 23-24. It's a great event, and we'd like to see
>  >  everyone there. Our program runs on Sept 23, a Saturday. If you have a
>  >  Nostalgia Super Stocker, and are from out of the area and want to stay
>  >  over, the Tri State group also runs over the weekend, and although
>  >  they focus mainly on NHRA/IHRA legal cars, they alllow NSS cars to run
>  >  with them as well. Plus, there is an Old Farts program, so many other
>  >  classes. And, the highlight will be the appearance of Big Daddy Don
>  >  Garlits and his "Swamp Rat", who will be there both days!
>  >  
>  >  There is all kinds of stuff going on....Bill Truby will have his
>  >  collection of photos there, and they number in the thousands.
>  >  
>  >  Our entry will not change, $35 to run with us on Saturday, paying $700
>  >  to win, $300 to runner up. Check out our facebook page for rules and
>  >  procedures, any questions you can contact me.  

>>  http://tinyurl.com/zdag6zq
>  >  
>  >  Just a heads up, though, it will be a long day. The event is
>  >  massive.....last year there were over 700 entries, and who knows how
>  >  many fans. This year Greg is going to streamline it a bit, I think
>  >  there may be only one time trial for some of the larger classes.
>  >  Details will follow. But, I mean the place is packed. You will see
>  >  folks and guys you haven't seen for a long time, and it may get deep.
>  >  Bring your hip waders. But, although long, it's great. And, what
>  >  follows is several months of snow and cold, and that is longer. This
>  >  is a great way to top off the year. For me, personally, I fully
>  >  realize that there is a finite number of years that I'm going to be
>  >  able to do this, and, I'm going to savor each minute.
>  >  
>  >  There is a flyer around with details, gate times, etc. but it hasn't
>  >  been posted yet. I will certainly provide it when it comes. But,
>  >  circle the date.
>  >  
>  >  __
>  >  http://www.reasbeckracing.webs.com/

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