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Re: DOT street and strip tires

Agreed Mike.. I really don't want to find that weak link !    Besides, I like a little tire spin. I used to beat a lot of guys with more HP.  I  would not try to launch  hard ..leave the line at part throttle, nail it when it was getting good traction ---leave 'em back there frantically smoking the tires.  Remember when  the "accepted" way to  launch,  was  to gas it several times  vroom, vroom, vroom,  and leave  at near top RPM ?  Hooking up was not yet an understood term.  I knew I had my opponet beat  if they did that ! .. OHHHH the good old days ! ..............................MO

On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 9:49:15 PM UTC-5, mike creglow wrote:
good analysis gary.
steve, i run M/T ET street on my '64 fury and they hook amazingly well on the street (saturday nights only ;-)).  remember once you put sticky tires on you car you will surely find the next weak link in your drive train.


On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 8:26 PM, <glpav...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
The Nitto tires are a value, price-wise, compared to the other DOT Drag Tires but do not hook as well as others such as Mickey Thompson, M&H, and Hoosier; according to the multitude of users comments...each car is slightly different but generally speaking, the Nitto has a 100 treadwear rating vs. the other “sticker/softer compound” tires with a 00 rating; meaning, the Nittos are the longest lasting Street/Strip tire with an estimated 10,000 mile lifespan with a mix of street & strip.  The Mickey Thompson, M&H, and Hoosier are more Drag Strip/Track suited with their soft compound and may only last 3000-5000 miles with mixed street/strip use.
The Nitto compound and rain groove design allows for more street use under varying conditions while the other brands, while “barely” DOT approved, would be very dangerous in wet or damp conditions.  All Drag Radials are recommended for automatic transmission use because of less rolling resistance which creates launch challenges with clutch/manual transmission equipped cars.  A bias-ply Drag Tire is recommended for clutch/manual trans cars for this reason as well as having a stiffer sidewall when running tubes which increases the contact patch for better traction.
Bottom line, if you will be doing more street-time than track time, go with the Nitto for street mileage & street safety; or the BFG Drag Radial, if you can find them. 
For more strip use than street, a Mickey Thompson Drag Radial has the most tread thickness of the lot and is reputedly the “best” or stickiest Drag Radial out there.
I have a set of Mickeys for my 340 car and BFG Drag Radial for my Stroker Poly.
Gary Pavlovich

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