My 2024 USA trip
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My 2024 USA trip

Yes, the time has come for me to do it all again!

To meet up with some of the members here again, to see the country and enjoy life in general. I have to tell you that I love driving around the USA (and Canada) and I hope this isn't my last trip.

To begin with, I've bought another Dodge B350. This one has had the roof raised and is a full campervan, so I can live in luxury as I travel. Those here who've read the narrative I've done of my previous trips ( ) will understand that for the most part I won't be letting the grass grow under my feet.

However, there is one difference. During my last trip we had an 'adoption ceremony' in which I 'adopted' three young ladies as my daughters. It's a long story how that came about, but it did and we are very close at times and each of them has something they're struggling over now. Two of them are in Arkansas and the other in Oklahoma, so I intend that my path will cross their general vicinity twice during a sort of figure-8 drive and I will spend four or five days each time with them.

But I'm being generous with my time too. This trip will be the longest America-only trip I've made, beginning on September 1 and ending on November 18. September 2 I will pick up my campervan in Central Oregon and the only firm plan is to head to Vancouver Island, Kamloops, Jasper and back down to Spokane before heading across to Yellowstone.

This van - pic attached - is a 1990 model and has upgrades throughout compared to my last one. It has throttle-body fuel injection in place of a carby on the 360, an A528 instead of the old 727 and at the rear it has a Dana 60 axle instead of the 9¼. It's a bit rough around the edges but it should be good for the trip and to bring back to Australia to sell.

There are people I met during my 2014 trip (ten years ago, really?) who I'd like to visit again, and some I missed out on seeing and what to make a point of doing so this time. I will be going on a very broad trip but not including the extreme South-East. North Carolina and West Virginia will probably be my limits there.

I let a few people down last time, I hope I don't this time... Derrick Brown I missed out on seeing, Jason Rhoades was another, Eric Sturgis, Rob Orsini. Gary Pavlovich and Gary H.

Let's see if we can do better this time... looking forward to responses.

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