Ramcharger MW decal placement (was Re: Kissimmee 2024 Mecum '62 to '65
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Ramcharger MW decal placement (was Re: Kissimmee 2024 Mecum '62 to '65 Mopars)

Hi all,

I don't recall an answer to Rich's question (copied below) about where the factory put the decals on the Max Wedge car air cleaners. Top or side? Or both ways?

A review: 

Here is a photo of the 1962 max wedge engine at Mecum's 2024 Florida auction:


Here is a photo of Rich's 1963 Dodge's air cleaners

 and his 1963 Dodge

Many of the 1963 similarly-equipped cars have the decals on the side of the air cleaner. For example, this tribute 1963:


and this supposedly 1 of 15 1963 'vert


Lastly, a photo of a 1964 426 has the decals on the top.

Does anyone know the details on decal placement? 

>  -------Original Message-------
>  From: 'Rich Burgess' via The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse 
>  I was able to view this 62 at the auction and it appeared very nice
>  and original. What caught my attention were the air cleaner decals
>  placed on top. I have an original 1963 Ramcharger with what I believe
>  are original air cleaners and they have the decals on the top of the
>  cover also not on the side. Most restored max wedge and ramchargers
>  that I have seen always have the decals on the side not top of the air
>  cleaners. This 62's air cleaners had an original appearance and
>  potentially factory decals. Has anyone else notice the different decal
>  placement on these air cleaners? 

Gary H.

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