Intro & hello from new member to 62 to 65 MOPAR clubhouse
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Intro & hello from new member to 62 to 65 MOPAR clubhouse

Good morning and hello everyone, I'm happy to say I'm very pleased to have found this group last night. I recently purchased a 1965 Dodge Dart two-door sedan that is a solid start to what I intend to build into an everyday driver for myself during the rest of my driving career / life.

I've been looking for an early sixties "A" body Chrysler for a long time, mostly because I like the style and mechanical engineering of the era & since I am 6'5" tall I fit into it as well.

I'm keeping the 225 slant 6 that is in it lucky for me it has already been rebuilt and the borescope shows that the cylinders are in excellent condition. Also there is surprisingly little rust on this vehicle coupled with the fact that someone has already gone through the trouble of replacing every single bushing or bearing in the entire suspension and drivetrain it was hard for me to turn away from. However it does need an entire interior and a little bit of loving otherwise, This car has been sitting for a while but not too long and it has spent all that time covered and not Outdoors. So I find myself lucky to have it in my hands.
I purchased a pair of Electric Life brand window regulators and unfortunately yesterday discovered that the Regulators I'm taking out of this vehicle are not the same as what was sent to me by Electric Life.
To further confuse matters I am finding that the technical service manual indicates regulators that are not like what I am removing from this 65 Dart sedan & similar to the E/L units. 
The Regulators shown in the service manual and parts books have two arms on them riveted together configured like an X and they pivot, the regulator I've removed is a single arm and does not have a second arm to it, Nor are there any tracks or pivot Points to secure a second arm to in the  door or on the window, So I am currently pulling what little hair I have left out of my head in frustration. 
If anyone has any constructive input or suggestions other than start drinking heavily I would greatly appreciate it :)

I have some photos and would love to share them but I'm afraid to attach them to this group email as they may be too large and I don't want to violate rules right off the bat or any other time for that matter. 
If you can help send me a private message I look forward to hearing from you and I'm happy to share photos there.

It's great to meet you all and I appreciate being here!
Matthew R

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