RE: [59plymouth] chroming tail lights
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RE: [59plymouth] chroming tail lights

Hi Johnnie -- welcome to!  It's too bad you didn't leave the tail lights behind on the East Coast -- I highly recommend Frankford Plating in Philadelphia, PA.  Still, I am sure there are reputable chromers in your neck of the woods as well.
There are Plymouth owners in your area -- Jeffrey Bernard in Wyoming, Jeff Bowman in Idaho, John Quinn and Tony DiCenso in Colorado, and I am sure many others that I am forgetting.  But the internet makes it a very small world indeed -- I recommend that you join the '59 Forum ( and check out the Forward Look as well (  Best of luck with the car -- send pix when you can!

From: John [mailto:voorburg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 5:26 PM
To: 59plymouth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [59plymouth] chroming tail lights

       Good day all 59 Plymouth riders,
         I live in North Dakota and I just lately had to go out to the east coast to pick up my 59 Plymouth Fury. One like the one I had back in 63. I was told that there would not be anything that I would have to do to this car but that hasn't been exactly true.
         One more of the things that I need to do is rechrome the tail lights. They are all very much pitted. I did not want to have to do any of these thing because I am not savvy in the restoration of cars or know those who do.
        The bumpers were rechromed and why one wouldn't want to do the tail lights at the same time is beyond me.
        1-My question is--where does one go to get parts rechromed. Are there people any where close to me.
        2-Are there any 59 Plymouth car clubs in a five state area of North Dakota???
        Thank you for your time Best Regards Johnnie Johnson

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