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RE: [59plymouth] FW: 59 Trunk Floor

Bob is a regular at Carlisle, where his wares are always on display.  Awesome quality, and a downright nice guy.   He used to have a flame-throwing '55, don't know if he still does.

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These pictures are from the new vendor that just signed up to the 59 site.  Nice guy, I called him yesterday about a trunk floor and he chuckled because he was in the process of welding a new floor in Beth's car.  Anyway I ordered the full length floor for my car,  The prices around here to fabricate a floor and weld it in ran around 2K so I figure a factory look alike that a friend will weld in for a couple hundres buck is a bargan any day. Freight from CT to FL was $135.00


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Richard, you know when I started to type you email address it popped up automatically. So I looked into my files and found that I had talked to you before. Back in November 2006, Gary Bauer from Rocker King had referred you to me and I had sent you a picture, price and availability back then.
 At any rate here are some pictures of the trunk floors we make. The long one is for a 57/58 Plymouth but it gives you an idea of the size and quality of the long trunk.
Hope this helps,

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