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Hello Members
I just thought I would pass this along.  Certainly of no use to most,,but for the few that need to know---I have checked it out personally.
Our original sure grip spool was the DANA 'POWER LOCK'.
The newer, replacement spool is the AUBURN 'SURE GRIP' (which was origionally the BORG WARNER 'SPIN RESISTANT')
I recently installed a brand new AUBURN unit in one car,,,,and I rebuilt a DANA for another car.
The DANA unit with new clutches has 3 times the 'locking' tension as the AUBURN.   This was checked by lifting one rear wheel off the ground and seeing how much effort was needed to turn it while the other rear wheel remained on the ground. 
THEREFORE for normal street use,,the AUBURN is probably a satisfactory choice.  BUT for racing or to slide the car all over the place with both wheels spinning while peeling out from a stop,,,the DANA is the way to go.  You just have to find one.

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