[59plymouth] DUAL QUAD OPTION-continued!
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[59plymouth] DUAL QUAD OPTION-continued!

Hello group!!!
In reading the early 59 PLYM parts book I no longer have much doubt that the 58 COMMANDO dual quads were SOMEHOW offered for the early 59 COMMANDO 361. These were the 2652S and 2653S
Not only are the carbs listed as 'HIGH PERF FRONT & REAR  MP2',,,,,but the dual oval air cleanerS are also listed for the MP2 along with the D500 and ADVENTURER and 300E
What is of additional interest is the fact that carbs 2780S and 2781S are also listed for front and rear for 'FURY'
These are noted as 'NEW CARBS'
Would these be the '59 replacements for the 2652 and 2653???????
The carbs used on the D500,,,adventurer and 300E were different so this must have been the '59 set up' that never happened???????

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