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Re: [59plymouth] RE: Sport Fury 1959

Karl - we have Regular 87 octane, Middle Grade 89 octane and Hi Test 93 octane.  I run my 318 on 89 octane with no knocking so I would try the 95 first.
Dick Koch
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Subject: [59plymouth] RE: Sport Fury 1959


I just got this note from Karl, who recently took possession of Gene Fierro's Sport Fury.  Karl is in Iceland, and will be updating us soon with pix of his car and it's new environs.  Karl asks the following question, about his 361cid GC:

I've just got the Fury, and was wondering  what would be the best gasoline for the Fury to run smoothly on, we have got 95 okt    98 okt  and 100 okt

 Please reply to Karl, as well as to the mailing list.  Meanwhile, I'll post to the Forum.


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