[59plymouth] rear window, revisited
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[59plymouth] rear window, revisited

OK, I'm off today.  I gave up on trying to get the roller out of the channel
without removing the regulator.  The regulator removed quite easily, and the
roller quickly slid out of the channel.  Alright!

Now, to remove the window itself.  The manual says the window should be all
the way up, and slid forward as far as possible to remove the rear roller
from the channel.  Well, I'm doing that -- but, it's not far forward enough!
I still don't have enough wiggle room to remove the window.

Am I missing something?  Shouldn't I be able to do this?

Here's another question:  I have replacement weatherstripping.  Should I
remove the old rubber stuff above (might that help pull the window?),
replace the catwhisker weatherstripping, put the window back, and then
replace the upper rubber?

It doesn't seem that there's any easy way to do this.  If anyone's
interested in chatting about it at 11:00am EDT, I'll meet you in the Exner


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