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Fwd: Re: {Chrysler 300} spark plug wires

Following up -
Lectric Limited's posting on their Facebook site, when I stopped by there last October 25th- photos attached -

Lectric Limited, Inc. - 10/25/23

Noel, one of our repeat customers, just wanted to "freshen-up" the engine compartment of his 1960 Chrysler 300F. So, he stopped by our manufacturing facility to buy another set of our reproduction spark plug wires. Noel said that his car is a "driver" which he loves to drive across the country - so much so that he put 9,000 miles on it this year alone. Nice ride!
Noel Hastalis Thanks for stopping buy with your car to buy your spark plug wires, and for spending some time with us to explain the details about your car. It was also very rewarding for one of our staff to see a product he manufactured having been installed on a customer's car. After you left, that staff member excitedly showed photos he had taken of your car to our other staff members saying, "Check out this cool car with our spark plug wires!".
On 04/15/2024 9:25 AM CDT Noel Hastalis <cpaviper@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Have you tried Lectric Limited, near Chicago’s Midway Airport? Here’s their link to the wire set for your E - https://www.lectriclimited.com/spark-plug-wire-set-235764
And will have the correct printing on the wires. Gil Cunningham recommended this source years ago. I’ve bought replacements for my F and they fit great. Of course your non-ram E uses a different set. 
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On Apr 15, 2024, at 9:08 AM, Al Macdonald <hemial@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I seen to be having a problem getting spark plug wires for a 59 E. Any suggestions?  The NAPA ones are too short.

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