{Chrysler 300} RV2 Front bearing retainer bolt holes
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{Chrysler 300} RV2 Front bearing retainer bolt holes

Hi All,


The large bearing retainer seems to have come in two types. One with 4 bolts and one with 5 bolts. I have no idea when or why.


I just found a small hex plug in my parts bag, but only one. I tore apart two compressors. One of them has the 4-bolt front bearing retainer and one the five. I was scratching my head for an hour thinking the plug was in the compressor block someplace that I missed. Then I checked and it is the same thread as the bearing retainer.  That is when the light bulb went off.


Can anyone confirm this for me?  I placed the 4-bolt retainer on the spare bare block and the fifth bolt hole may leak at the block as there is not a corresponding hole in the retainer. The cut out near the top leaves the very edge of the hold exposed.


I am fairly sure that is where it goes if using the 4-bolt retainer, looking for confirmation.


Thanks, James

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