{Chrysler 300} Adjusting screw and nut ,hemi
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{Chrysler 300} Adjusting screw and nut ,hemi

So, working on 300D motor, one adjusting screw had been really murdered. Ball socket end had been damaged maybe by crossthreading , someone had tried to fix it with a grinder wrecked end. Even better , I think the screw is very hard steel, and the lock nut soft. So the same dude apparently crossed threaded the nut and drove it down on the screw anyway  cutting a new thread at an angle  in the nut  , but then it sits crooked against the rocker arm.. What I first noticed: There is no limit to past animalism in our cars at times .Despite wasting 30 minutes I could not catch screwed up thread end into rocker,-- rocker is ok, don't want to make things worse. 

So does anyone have a junker motor or left over partial rocker set etc, that has the screw and nut? 

Related< I posted a few weeks back about setting valves; jury is in ---you do have to use the Mopar sequence chart. Doing it at TDC on each cylinder results in about .002 error on intake valve..did both ways. So without further ado about it,use the chart.  Same 8 positions as needed both ways, cannot do two cyl at once.

Thanks for listening, 

John Grady 

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