Re: {Chrysler 300} 300c engine location and e brake
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Re: {Chrysler 300} 300c engine location and e brake

Thanks for reply , Lynne !
actually , all “90 degree cross”  u joints need the two shafts being joined to be parallel . Not in line at all or pointed at each other,  just parallel in both planes . How they work . Someone at Chrysler may have made a calculation that x degrees wrong is not too bad ( it happens now  — a few degrees in the horizontal plane on our cars when axle nose twists on springs due to car weight (ride height ) or heavy throttle ,  why the required shimming at spring U bolts to a certain median angle( sometimes forgotten too) . 
And —-??  why not do it right , side to side ? no problems or interference at all that I can see yet ? Possibly passenger head pipe . 
I bet they did it right but so easy to get wrong by wrong parts or wrong assembly that the last two cars I worked on for sure had it all wrong .   I am thinking get it right by redrilling cross  member trans mount bolts once it is in right way around , if need be.

How much space between tie rod and pan on yours ? fan clutch and radiator ? 

I love desotos, once had a 57 adventurer i sold . Big mistake from 2020 visage !! what year is yours?  Also helped a friend long ago convert a 56 adventurer from ? powerflite ? to a  stick   and built up the motor too . It was surprisingly   fast once rolling.  If I remember right was factory hydraulic lifters — not solids like 300 . We converted it with adjustable push rods . Trying to adjust hot per instructions on a hemi was beyond brutal .   I remember that ... 

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On 19 Nov 2020, at 4:24 pm, Lynn Dunsworth <lynnrd37@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

John,  I have been discovering the same thing on the '57 Desoto convert I'm working on.  The engine is offset to the right on the front end, the back points to the left.  I tried all of
 possible combinations of front and rear motor mounts and found I couldn't get the engine parallel to the chassis.  The rear crossmember is definately offset and will
 fit the chassis 180 degrees. The park brake drum appears to be centered on the frame, but it sure looks strange.   I knew that Chrysler offset the engines to the passenger side, but never noticed or realized that the package wasn't parallel.  I have the powertrain on my project in running mode.  There isn't any vibration that I can tell, even at around 3K rpm.  Wonder if that is why Chrysler used the ball and trunnion joint.  I've always heard that they were a better joint than the standard joint.


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