{Chrysler 300} Re: 300 K seat tracks
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{Chrysler 300} Re: 300 K seat tracks

Greetings All,

I have forged ahead and dismantled the the seat tracks with great results. I removed the two fore and aft rivets from the track channel so that the upper seat track could be removed, at first with extreme difficulty.

Bone dry and with a great amount of wear, galling and pitting precluded the track from moving with normal ease. The pitting and subsequent wear I believe started with the wrought surface of the channels from manufacture, and just got worse from use over time. I used a small course wet stone to polish off the raised metal and smooth all the pitted surfaces which the round 5/16" and bobbin rollers ground in on the surfaces at the front and rear of the channels. Smooth as silk now!

I created a patch for the transmission rubber mounts. I used a correctly sized grommet I acquired from Grainger's that pushed through each side of the mount. 3/8" ID by 1/2" OD by 3/8" mount thickness. $2.75 for 50! With the additional rubber flanges internal now on each side, I believe this will help prevent crushing of the the thin portion of the original flange grommet from the motor torque. Unfortunately, the outer flange OD of these grommets are only 5/8". So I found 5/8" ID by 1" OD by 1/8" rubber washers on eBay for about $10 for 10 ea. I then used some adhesive black RTV to fill the gap and secure these to the smaller grommet flange to provide a cushioning surface as the original for the same torque cushion provided by the originals.

Voila as they say in France! No more clanking and flopping around. I don't know how long these will last, but they will probably outlast me! And super easy to renew!

I also took the motors apart on this passenger power seat mechanism I got from salvage. The inner armature bushing was wet, so I may not bother to dig that deep on the original drivers side. Might not be worth the trouble. Cleaned off the grease from the brushes and commutators, and these now purr!

The transmissions seemed to be filled with a thin black graphite supplemented lubricant. But, I did use a lot of brake cleaner to clean off all the old grease and swarf, so I don't really know what was in there originally as they were very wet inside after their bath.

I'm using Lucas Red Sticky silicon grease everywhere ands silicon Dry Lube on the pivots.


1964 300 K

On 11/06/2020 3:44 PM ALLAN POZDOL <apozdol@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can anyone offer advice as to how to disassemble the power bucket seat track applicable to my 64 K?

I want to get in and clean out the debris and the old wax, I mean grease!

Has anyone found a good replacement for the rubber transmission grommets, # 2428 459?


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