{Chrysler 300} Re: [Chrysler300] Need modern PPG code for 1957 "Gauguin
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{Chrysler 300} Re: [Chrysler300] Need modern PPG code for 1957 "Gauguin Red"" paint

Hi Ray,

Try these folks. They are expert at mixing modern paints to paints of yesteryear. Look around their web site.

It is true talent to match the colors of days gone by. The modern paint tinters change every few years, but these guys nail it repeatedly!


They matched my color book of post war Jaguar nitro colors EXACTLY. In shade and sunlight.

On 11/16/2020 7:28 PM Ray Melton rfmelton@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Hello, fellow COVID shut-ins -

The marginally competent and minimally cooperative PPG paint distributor
here in the nearby city (El Paso, TX) is unable to mix up some Gauguin
Red (Chrysler code "P") touch-up paint for my 1957 300C.   I even
brought them a can with some (hardened and useless) paint left over from
when my late father had the car painted in 1975 - The can was labeled
"Ditzler" with a code of DQE 70693 and had a generous drip on the
outside that showed the color. Internet search shows that the old
Ditzler code corresponds directly to PPG code 70693, but the local
dealer says that number only leads them to an obsolete industrial enamel
formulation which they cannot translate into their modern chemistry.  
The PPG guy basically threw up his hands and said, "Sorry, can't help
you with that number; just bring the car down so we can scan it with our
computer."   That's a 100-mile trip I don't care to make, and risk
exposing the car to the traffic and drivers there in El Paso. They also
wanted to give me grief for insisting on a single-stage paint, touting
the superior super-glossy base/clear systems now in favor - they
couldn't understand why anyone would want that old formulation and are
obviously not attuned to the vintage car restoration market, whatsoever!

Can anyone help these guys at PPG translate that old number into their
modern system, perhaps with detailed formulation, such as 3.2 red; 0.1
yellow; .5 black, etc.?  I'm looking for a single-stage enamel, and I
think I heard the PPG guy say "Omnicolor".    My painter wants to stay
with PPG because he's familiar with all the thinners and hardeners,
drying times, temperature/humidity adjustments, etc., so doesn't want to
go to a different brand of paint.  This is for a small area touch-up, so
I don't need much.

Any specific ideas would be appreciated.

Ray Melton       Las Cruces, NM      1957 300C cvt white/Gauguin  s/n


Posted by: Ray Melton <rfmelton@xxxxxxx>

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