Re: [Chrysler300] 1962 300 H Exhaust Manifolds
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Re: [Chrysler300] 1962 300 H Exhaust Manifolds

My 300H. Only On theright side
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The 300H has a special passenger side exhaust manifold I believe. It has a cast section made to receive the choke heating pipe that heats the choke thermostatic spring...
2 x 4 bbl intake manifolds don't have an exhaust passage in them to heat the thermostatic spring like the regular 4bbl intake manifold have.

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The insulation looks like fiberglass insulation wrapped in heavy aluminum foil. It sits on top of the valley pan to keep engine heat away from the area below the carburetor.


The 300H should have normal style exhaust manifolds. Maybe they have larger outlets.




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Thanks to the latest E-News, I am reading the 1962 Engineering Data Book.

Couple of inquiries come to mind:



".....a combined intake manifold and tappet chamber cover, overlaid with sound insulating material..."

- What was the sound insulating material?

- I assume whatever it was would live under the manifold, on top of the aluminum valley pan?

- Was it glued on top of the valley pan?



Standard equipment, with mechanical valve lifters, tubular push rods, forged rocker arms, valve spring dampers, high output camshaft, and revised exhaust manifold  on all Chrysler 300 H models.

(And MANIFOLD is typed singular not plural, by the way)

- What was the difference in the Non-H 413 (or even 383) Exhaust Manifolds?

- Were they Headers?  If so, now impossible to find?



Matt Allyn


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