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Re: [Chrysler300] VS: 300ify your Powerflite

The only real difference I am aware of in the 300 Powerflite is that it had a 7 disc clutch pack. It may have had a high speed governor too, but without a parts book, I couldn’t say for sure. Your car should stay in low under full throttle, and kick down much higher than 37, regardless if it is a 300 or a Windsor. I would suspect the kick down linkage is not adjusted correctly, or there is a problem in the valve body (not likely). These adjustments are critical to the proper performance of the trans. My 56 Imperial would kick down well after 50, and would hit drive around 60 or so.
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Subject: [Chrysler300] VS: 300ify your Powerflite

Years ago, George Riehl talked about 300-ifying transmissions for those cars that previously had their trans swapped to a standard Powerflite or Torqueflite when in for an overhaul. George would offer a rebuild service where the performance of any trans again would be as intended in a Letter Series, and I guess other specialists also can perform this job. Is there anywhere a procedure written for what differs between a 300 trans and a regular Powerflite, so I can present this to a transmission shop in my vicinity?

My Powerflite was rebuilt 10 years ago by a transmission guy who happened to own a 55 NewYorker, and thereafter my transmission acted like it also was into a NewYorker. The car would not give kickdown on anything higher than 37 mph, while my memory of the old version was that kick-down could be had up to almost 50 mph and when floored the trans would not upshift before just nudging 60 mph (now only 50)?

Regards from Norway


(bought my C-300 aged 25 and have sometimes driven fast with it. 80 mph on first when the trans was damaged and would not shift at all spring to mind. I also have been riding shotgun with George Riehl on Detroit area freeways in his 300J, which was an experience on its own)


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