RE: [Chrysler300] Reproduction News on F G H seat kits
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RE: [Chrysler300] Reproduction News on F G H seat kits

Ron, to answer your question about quality, I have not seen a sample of their leather work yet, but I have been assured that it will exceed the past production of our club seat project. They have retained a person who has done many high end leather projects and is familiar with vintage interiors, they have all of Gary’s patterns, dies, and soft trim stock. They have samples of most all of the letter car interior components to work from, they will be contacting our model year specific experts with any detail questions they may have during fabrication.  They know that they are tasked with making a product that will pass judging. I have seen other Quirey products that are being produced by them and they are excellent, many of which are produced under license by Mopar. Dave and Cheryl from Quirey are very focused on providing an excellent product and customer service as exhibited by the interaction with them and several of our members that have already ordered soft trim components from them. They are taking Gary’s production process’s and modernizing them, using newer technology’s, and materials. For example the seat foams, which Gary used to hand cut, are now going to be CNC’s. Those of us that were at the 300 spring meet got a chance to examine the new 60-64 front door seal materials that Quirey just released and another reason to attend the meets! You get to see the new stuff first hand.  Those seals were the closest to NOS that we have ever seen, they were made using an entirely new process that Quirey developed using Grays patterns. I could have sold several sets of the seals had I had more, but John Begian was lucky, and took the demonstrator set home. Quirey is still using Gary’s catalog for ordering and Dave will be traveling to Sweden next month to restock any items that are on back order. Place your orders now with them,  they will advise you at that time of any delays in shipping the items you want. They will be updating their website and catalog but not right away as they are very busy this time of year with shows, and events, plus filling all the orders that have come in since they acquired Gary’s operation.  If you need an item for your car that you cannot find in Gary’s catalog, just send an email, or call Todd at Quirey and ask, they want to satisfy you in any way they can.  


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Jamie - have you seen the quality of Quirey's work ? Since Gary used to hand sew his stuff, I'm wondering if Quirey has the same skills/talent ? Also, is there an updated list of what they are offering for sale. I know that they may be out of stock for some of the chrome items that Gary used to get from Sweden.




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I am pleased to announce that Dave at Quirey Quality Designs just picked up the Clubs Leather seat project and is ready, right now, to start producing the E F G H seat kits once again for the club. So now is the time to get in your order for seats, interior parts, and carpet kits. Dave is also making door panels,  console covers, along with the headliners, package shelf, and rear seat trunk divider boards, plus all the other stuff that Gary Goers made for years. Dave also mentioned to me when he was up at the warehouse picking up the clubs leather stock,  that he is willing to transport your order to Carlisle on orders that are placed soon, to save our members on shipping costs. This is one reason I ordered my F trunk kit from him last Friday, they are light items but have to ship oversize and cost more. Dave is also going to have a special area set up at Carlisle displaying some of the parts that he is making.  Watch for more details as we get closer to the Carlisle event.




Posted by: Jamie Hyde <Jamie.Hyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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