[Chrysler300] L parts car for sale in Oklahoma
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[Chrysler300] L parts car for sale in Oklahoma

I heard from my doppelgänger last week -- 
Bob Merritt in Medford, Oklahoma.

He has a white L parts car, VIN C453215717 for sale.
He bought it out of a salvage yard over 40 years ago without the drive line to have a spare front and rear clip, doors, 
etc for the one he was using as a daily driver in case of an accident.

He also has a blue L, VIN C453212542 which I am guessing 
is also for sale.

Pictures at http://www.chrysler300club.com/ads/65/rcm.html

Bob is 88 years old now and needs to sell.
You can contact him at email olfarmer@xxxxxxxxxxx

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Thanks for the reminder. Much as I hate to drop out; I no longer have the time or energy to enjoy our hobby.

I have been a full-time care-giver for over 10 years for my wife of 68 years.

She is suffering with alzheimers, and at my age 88, I am no longer able to take care of her needs. She has been in a nursing home since last September, and I have been hospitalized 4 times for a total of 23 days and spent several weeks in skilled nursing in the same home since then.

I still have my blue 300-L 2dht, and a parts car if anyone needs a parts car. attach are pictures I took just last week.

I was keeping it in a storage building until a heavy snow load collapsed the building and caved in the top and broke out the windshield and rear glass.

"other"Bob Merritt

On 03/31/2019, at 12:59 PM, Bob Merritt <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Dear Bob; 

The Club office informs me that your membership to the Chrysler 300 Club International is about to expire or has already expired. If you plan to renew, would you drop me a line?
Dues are presently $35/year for US & Canada, $40/year for foreign addresses (US funds or international bank draft only). Dues are payable up to three years in advance. 
Membership entitles you to membership card, issues of the Club News, issues of News-Flites, free advertising in the club publications, technical information, the Club Store, the list server, and the E-News.
There are several ways to pay for your membership:
Send your check (US funds, US banks) to:
Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc.
PO Box 40
Benson, MD, 21018
Please note that we frequently receive cash from overseas members with no problems nor any losses. Should you mail cash, include your email address and you will be promptly notified when it is received. 

To pay Chrysler 300 Club Int' l dues by  online banking :

1. Go to your bank online
2. Click on ADD A BILL
3. Enter bill information:

Bank: PNC Bank
130 South Bond Street
Bel Air, MD 21014

Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc.
2519 Jerusalem Road
Joppa, MD 21085
Account #: 55-1217-0209
Routing Number: 054000030
Phone 517-849-2783

International Wire Instructions:
Add $22.00 to dues to cover PNC bank charge.

PNC Bank N.A.
130 South Bond Street
Bel Air, MD 21014
Bel Air South Branch

Routing Number: 031000053
Swift: PNCCUS33
To pay club dues via PayPal, send it to the PayPal account of Ray Jones:  paypal.me/ray300  
Add $5.00 to cover PayPal costs.
If you use PayPal, any changes of address, phone, email, VIN info, etc. this will not be transmitted to us and you must still send the postcard back with the changes or email changes to  agmoon300@xxxxxxxxx  Gloria Moon, treasurer.
(Jan 1 2018)


Posted by: "Bob Merritt" <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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