[Chrysler300] 1963-1964 pass mirror base wedge
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[Chrysler300] 1963-1964 pass mirror base wedge

If you have a J or a K (or a 1964 - 1966 Imperial) and
you need the special wedge that goes under the mirror base
on the passenger side, read on.

Pictures here http://www.chrysler300club.com/rcmstuff/passmirrorwedge/1.htm

I have been looking for this wedge for years.
Nobody has it. Many suppliers have looked into having
the wedge repopped. For one reason or another,
it remains undone. And years go by.

Note: this is not the same wedge
that goes under the driver side mirror -- it is a
reverse image. The driver side wedge will not
work on the passenger side. 

After years of frustrated waiting I decided to take on the project.
I now have a machine shop that will make up new wedges.
New pieces will be nearly identical
to the original but they will be stainless steel and they
will not be plated. I don't think you need to plate them. 
This steel will be polished and given its
position under the mirror, it is hardly visible. But you can
get this stainless plated if you want to.

I need to have 8 people interested in order to make this fly.
The price is $550/each. Don't chirp about the price.
I only want to hear if you are in or are you out. 8 people
or it doesn't fly. I'm making nothing on this. 

I will say this:
if anyone else is making them or has plans to
make them, I'd be glad to not do it. 
One way or the other, let's get it done.

Bob Merritt


Posted by: "Bob Merritt" <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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